WISER academic meetings

We hold regular academic meetings, discussing research and education topics. These are a chance to come and present research proposals or findings, hear what others are doing and develop local collaborations.

Our next meeting is at 7.30pm, Wednesday 19th May. The topic is "Innovation in Surgical Education"

Getting started with WISER

We are keen for Members to join our organisation who wish to contribute to and collaborate with Surgical Education and Research in the Waikato region. Here is the link to apply for membership: 


Listed below you will see a list of local projects that you may wish to be involved with.

Successful, high quality research takes time and commitment.

You are advised to make contact as early as possible to maximize your time with us.

Predictors of morbidity and mortality in spinal surgery

          Joe Baker

Predictors of morality and mortality in fractures in the elderly

          Joe Baker

Effect of in-house cone-beam CT sinuses on care for Rhinology patients

      Andrew Wood

Virtual v. face-to-face undergraduate ENT teaching in the COVID-era

      Andrew Wood

Rheumatic heart disease

·         Role of inflammation in RV dysfunction in patients with RHD.
·         Understanding attitudes towards warfarin and blood testing amongst Maori and South Pacific Islanders
·         A systematic review of interventions that improve right ventricular function in rheumatic heart disease patients undergoing valve replacement

Nishith Patel

Aortic Disease
•       Impact of preop endothelial dysfunction and coagulation dysfunction on extent/severity of aortic dissection
•       Risk factors for post dissection false lumen expansion: Role of blood pressure management
•       Identifying patients at risk of future aortic events: moving beyond aortic diameters
•       Quality of Life after Type A Aortic Dissection Repair

Nishith Patel

AF Research

•       Outcomes in pts with preop atrial fibrillation: Predictors of Poor Outcome. A retrospective study.

Nishith Patel